Almost no one thinks that we are sisters.

I'll go to France to study painting.

I said take your time.

Marie use to love poetry.

I'm not stealing it. I'm just taking it back.

There wasn't a living soul there.

I fixed the clocks.

You can take or leave my suggestions, as you wish. It's no skin off my nose.


Jonathan can't have gone far.

I'm interested in helping them.

There's nothing I like as much as the smell of roses.


Hang on, Arlene.

Ernest can be such a jerk.

Saul doesn't know why the meeting was postponed.

Luis, come quick! Rajesh is going wild and is going to beat John with a stick!

Something very strange just happened.

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We'll see each other later!


If I see Tao, I'll tell him that.

In other words, he's saying to use the flower vase in place of the urine bottle?

Make sure that the lights are turned off before you leave.


She's young, naive and inexperienced.

We're worried about you.

The radio is out of order.

This summer resort is no longer as popular as it used to be.

I have her in my pocket.

I'll tell you one thing: I wouldn't like to have his job.

I can drive.

The downside, well, it's how thoroughly work gets mixed up with my private life.

How many times do I have to apologize?

Was Hubert angry about that?

The party ended up with great revelry.

I was curious to know why people had been staring at me.

At least tell her how you feel.

Have I done something wrong?

But I have no apples left to give you.

He let me leave the room.

Collin didn't actually answer the question.

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Not all browsers are secure.

Everyone has faults.

Naoko lives in the white house.

She is out of danger.

We always arrive late.

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Tokyo was really wonderful.


Tectonic activity is in evidence at the tremendous Valles Marineris canyon system, which is over 8 kilometers deep and 4500 kilometers long.


We've got a big job ahead of us.

It was natural that he should win the contest.

Give me what I want.

Do you accept the Visa card?

The students stood up one by one and introduced themselves.

I think you know what you should do.

I'll let you know how we do.

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There is no free lunch.


I met Deborah for a drink after work.

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She gave my shoes a quick brush.


We need to take that bus.

There's a bus stop close to our school.

I wish we didn't have to do this any longer.

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It was given to me.

We're not really going to do this, are we?

The point at which an embryo becomes a fetus has apparently been chosen arbitrarily.

I'd like to buy the car you're selling, but I don't have enough money right now.

I never go out anymore.

I received a Christmas card from my brother in Italy.

A good idea suddenly struck her.

Maybe he will arrive tonight.

Collin handed Jingbai the brochures.

Moran bought a drink for Tim.

I am sorry for what I did.

Jacobson bought himself a sport car.

I'm going to do something by myself for a while.

Yaaaawn... I'm going to bed.

She went to college to learn English.

My mother and father aren't home right now.

What is your opinion on this issue?

This fight is mine.

I sort of liked him.

I don't blame you for that.

You shouldn't read magazines that are harmful to you.

Farouk wants to change that.

The buds began to open.


Ask Andy to bring Lin tomorrow.

She believes her boyfriend is not guilty.

Nathan appears unconscious.

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I've been having second thoughts about your plan.

How are you going to spend your weekend?

I'm kidding.


I'd like to hear you sing.


Our plane took off exactly at 6 p.m.


I like tea more than coffee.

Thought it was noise on the street, I could hear my name called.

This palace is the most famous and best appreciated attraction in our city.

Six of us are going on an excursion to the beach this weekend.

There's no such thing as a perfect sentence. Just as there's no such thing as perfect despair.


Isn't it nice?

Some young Japanese people prefer being single to being married.

A lot of talk, no action.


My French is pretty rusty, too.

A country with no whorehouse is not a country.

The trend is always to produce more products using fewer employees.

Herve probably doesn't want to spend that much money.

I know that well.

Is there a problem I should know about?

Tell me where the meeting will be held.

It's a good policy.

Everyone is coming with us.

We won't be in Boston until next Monday.

When the sun of culture sets, the dwarfs too look like giants.


How much do you think Kristen needs?

We know very well where our developments will take us. Besides, in the team, everyone does as he pleases.

I will do anything for you.


Kerry scares easily.

I do have confidence in Roxie.

Chinese officials say economic growth has dropped to a three-year low because of the world economy.

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And what do you do?

Lanny should've listened to Aaron.

The man standing over there is Mr Smith.


Feel the burn!

I think Rafael has been here.

Bon voyage! May you have good luck on your journey.

There's just one problem.

You've got to get out of there.

The war had entered its final stage.

Which one of you is Justin's lawyer?

Lorien lives in the woods without electricity and running water.

They are not transgressive.

The higher you climb, the colder it becomes.

Why are you on this ship?

Yeah, and?

Ricardo certainly had a lot of time to think about it.

They'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Don't ask me to choose between you and my job.

How come you ate the cucumber, you dimwit? You knew that I wanted to make a cucumber mask!

"Yes, I am Brazilian. No, I don't like carnival."

The squirrel climbed the tree.

We are going to have a break for a snack.

I had curry and rice last night.

Morton doesn't care what other people think.

I've never seen that guy before.

I have to fix the washing machine.

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After having finished my studies, I became a teacher.

When Scrooge awoke, it was so dark, that looking out of bed, he could scarcely distinguish the transparent window from the opaque walls of his chamber.

Margaret had difficulty learning French.

Will they arrive here tomorrow?

Dan slipped through the fingers of the police.

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Hello Giada, tell us your story, we'll listen to you.


It happened that the day was my birthday.

I don't know why, exactly.

We're not safe.

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It's cold there even in the summer.

I'd like to get a little shut eye.

Jealousy is the undue concern about the preservation of that which can only be lost if not worth keeping.

Cristina has excellent taste.

I packed your suitcase for you.


The man we saw in the park was Mr. Hill.

He threatened to throw the diamond off the window.

Do you have any idea how many people died when the Titanic sunk?

She doesn't look happy.

Today I have finally mustered the courage to tell you I love you.

We used to go to the movies on Saturday evening.

I don't think it's a good idea for you to hang out with Pratt.

It'll cost around ten thousand yen.

He's just as tall as the other boys in his class.

He wasn't as handsome as she told me.

I don't have any more jokes to tell.

The clouds were driven away by the wind.

There is a little water in the glass.

My father went out just now.

He'll probably come over here if you call out to him.

The sound of your voice is like siren's song to me.

He writhes like a worm.