Greg trusts you.


What are your plans after this?

They'll wait.

Hello, my dear, I made two pictures and I want your opinion on them.

I suggest we move to a safer location.

She tried to pull a fast one on me.

Due to the storm, we couldn't leave the house.

Are you off for your date?

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Do you think you could give me a paper bag?


Leigh did better than I expected.


They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

I can't imagine why Lanny would do that.

Do it this way!


This duty has priority over all others.


This is fine.


When the thing was sent into the post office, the goods were lost due to the mistake of the post office.

You have to give her more time.

By the time that he tried 966, Dima was beginning to give up hope.

It's just up ahead.

Nobody ever comes to see us in this out-of-the-way village.

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I need to be ready when Cecilia arrives.

Let's unearth the gingers.

She works as hard as anybody does.

I want those responsible for the massacre brought to trial.

Do you want me to keep Tuna and Bucky company?


What's your favorite place in Boston?

Are you still afraid something might happen?

Thank you for your kind assistance while I was in New York.

The Quran was translated into many languages.

The garden is still in shadow.


It was not very well hidden.


South Guelderish is a dialect of Dutch spoken in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


She was the first one to notice him.

What would you like to order?

Sanity didn't know how to do it.

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Teruyuki began to eat lunch.

You love this car, don't you?

The theater was slowly filling with people.


Do you like singing?

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This is not war.

I knew it was right.

What is it you hope to buy?

I still can't get her out of my head.

She called me from Tokyo.

There are always a lot of vehicles on this road.

Sorry, give us the bowl!


Maybe Anatoly is busy.

Half of the bananas in the basket were rotten.

I need time.


The clock was ticking.

She understands the core of the problem well.

The brochure of the Aesculapian Medical Society was really beautiful.

The clock dictates man's movements.

Excuse me, but would you please tell me the way to the post office?

I overslept because my alarm didn't go off.

Hold your tongue and listen to me.


Why not wait until tomorrow?

Victory is possible, though unlikely.

I'd like to fire my lawyer.

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She first came into contact with Japanese culture last year.

We overpowered them.

While in jail, Joseph made the acquaintance of John, an infamous bank robber.


Roberta doesn't think Fred will do the job very well.

Whose idea was it to fire us?

This is quite shocking.

My room is a little small, but comfortable.

Darin never said no.

Blair's funeral is taking place this weekend.

Watch over me, I will watch over you.


Think only drinks coffee.

Appropriate action is needed now.

I'm not letting you do this alone.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Where did you blindfold them?

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You can crash on the sofa if you're tired.


Free as in freedom, not as in free beer.

No one arrived.

Could we talk to you a second, Sabrina?

He came back two days late.

Do you want to know why?


You shouldn't worry.


Can I see you in my office?


We'll help you out.

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Say hello to your sister for me.

He has the advantage of wealth.

They're crazy.

They'll try to kill you.

You can't let this situation get you down.


It's a niche market.

Everybody knows that Vincent did it.

I don't manage their company.


You aren't qualified to be the leader.

I feel more confident now.

Japan is an industrial nation.

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Let me see what's in your hand.

I haven't been able to reach Delbert.

I can't believe you bought this.

You're hammered.

The teacher called the roll.

We can't do this now.

Pontus seems to be rich.

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Do psychiatrists need psychiatrists?


Give me an answer!

You're very aggressive.

I wanted to save them.

She has gone, I feel like crying.

We must part; the day will soon break.

I'm upset about her.

Dannie says Hitoshi needs to resign.

The company has already established its fame as a robot manufacturing company.

I was hoping you might be able to show me how to do this.

Did Murph offer any resistance?

Come and see me any time you like.


She looks young, but as a matter of fact she is older than you are.


I have the same desire to take a year abroad to study.

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What kind of treasure do you seek?


I thought a swim might be nice.


The conference ends tomorrow.

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We found all the boxes empty.

I'm not letting you go.

He was very much frightened at the sight of the big snake.


Terry is deeply grateful for all Brooke's help.

Who helped her?

I can see why it's confidential.


Buying a new TV won't make you happy.

It is certain that he helped them for the benefit of himself.

It's my decision.


That's funny!

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Where did he go?

Antonio really seems to like Piotr.

The important thing is to listen carefully.

I've narrowed the list of possibilities down to three.

Krzysztof found a very old coin in the garden.

Nicolette couldn't get Tanya to tell him her phone number.

My bag is too old. I must buy a new one.

In these two or three years, he acquired a large amount of wealth.

Gregor is a good detective.

I'm very happily married.

There is no problem.

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I remember posting this letter.

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Men never cry.

Are you taking your meds?

You are in my thoughts at all times.

Jesper thinks it will rain tomorrow.

She works in a bank.

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How did he solve the problem?

Ralph can do it, can't he?

You need to get on your way as quickly as possible.


He ruined his health with drinking.

Not I but my brother lives in Sendai.

What ever can that be?

He is happiest when he is with his grandchildren.

According to the X-ray, everything is all right.