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I didn't say I wanted this.

We looked up.

Romania is a Balkan country. Its capital is Bucharest.

Please tell us what it is.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I'll deal with them later.

We've just got to get better.

I'm returning your call.

She didn't answer.

The obsolete regime is about to collapse.

I am writing a sentence.

And do you know them by face?

I share everything with them.

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There's a reason for everything.

I'm not sure if this is ironic or not.

They danced.

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The circus has a wonderful collection of wild animals.


Tran helped me pick these shoes out.

He took care of his mother after his father's death.

That gives me goosebumps.

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We live and learn.

Gunnar gets a lot of help from his friends.

Opposite the station.

I have dreadful news.

Settle the argument soon.

Darren ate as soon as the food was put on the table.

What did your mom say?

Is that going to be OK?

There's no way I'm leaving you here alone with Hsuan.

Carl analyzed the precious stone at his lab.

I cannot recruit a cleaner. I can clean my office by myself.

Sorry, the line is busy now.

I could just refuse to go.

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We sit on a bench to rest.

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The question is what does it mean.

But your function isn't Lipschitz continuous!

Who was the last to reach the goal?

It's snowing.

Dear passengers! The Minsk City Council and the Executive Committee of the City of Minsk cordially send their greetings on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ and the new year and wish you happiness, health and well-being.

I'll find out soon enough.

We're still waiting for Brandon.

I like that tie of yours.

Clyde is totally incompetent.

You hurt Manuel's feelings.

This is probably the wrong thing to be worrying about right now.

I need an interpreter.

A unique fossil of a tropical plant was found recently.


Our quote is the best effort we can make.


Nils is chopping wood.


This project turned out to be a tough nut to crack.

You're not planning to stay up all night, are you?

My wife is having a baby.

This will be work, that will not be easy.

Monica was our interpreter.

Cary should be fine.

Now after the death of his wife, the merchant grieved for many days as was right, but at the end of that time he began to desire to marry again and to look about him for a suitable wife.

I've never been fishing.

I wish you would come with me.

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And again he was drunk as anything.

Part will last.

Tell Victoria we have something to show him.


Swamy is very open.

The hurricane survivors were allotted adequate food provisions for their basic nourishment.

Irwin is just watching television.


The people here are used to the cold.

May I go now?

She spends her leisure time making dolls.


What are you hiding? Come on, tell me. You can't keep it from me. That's creepy.

I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear to the dinner.

Do you prefer going to the cinema or to the theatre?

A good idea came to mind.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Give your whole attention to what you are doing.

Everything is working.

I came by to water Clifford's plants.

I've got so much more to do.


Written, as it is, in easy English, the book is easy to read.


When should we tell them?


We are all convinced that he's guilty.

We drove up to Boston.

Judy isn't a good singer, is she?

Bobby seems to be a good cook.

The guard grabbed Tarmi.

It's started raining.

I have to study hard each day.

I work as much as I can, but never as much as I would want.

Stop talking about me.

Would you mind leaving me alone for a minute?

Uri is going to come back.

Mark didn't know what I knew.

I don't know the answer to that.

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No one could hear Linda's screams.

Do you know anyone who can fly an airplane?

Why don't you give it to him?

The policemen wore gas masks and helmets.

Guillermo doesn't know whether Tim is telling the truth or not.

Rajiv salted his egg.

All in all, this was a nice party.

Wear warm clothes or you could get sick.

How did you know it was going to happen?

Just as if the card gathering had turned into a ghost story telling party, a kind of dark mood had settled over those present and everyone was silent.

Five miles is a long distance to walk.

The differences in gravity across Earth are called gravity anomalies.

Free advice isn't always good advice.


The company was started with $100,000 in capital.

I won't waste your time.

I didn't want Walt to see me.

I was with her last night.

Is this a date?

Which one is cheaper?

She caught my eye.

What we need is a little more time.

I didn't know what I was getting into.


Meditation gives me peace of mind.

Don't forget to give my best regards to your lovely wife.

Did he do such things?

May I accompany you to the airport?

Why isn't Calvin making lunch?

We both want the same thing.

She poisoned her husband.


I've seen a lot of changes.

I hope I didn't offend anyone.

The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated.


He had a great belief in the doctor.


Bob helped me.

I don't know either boy.

I am not in the least concerned about the result.

Nothing interests me anymore.

Every molecule of water is composed of two hydrogen atoms attached to an oxygen atom.

Marguerite wondered what Adrian meant.

I went to bed very late.

Can computers translate literary works?

No matter how fast you walk, you won't be able to catch up with him.

They washed their ears.

She was very nearly run over by a truck.

Edify your child

My favorite song is "Hotel Tatoeba".

Minnesota's state bird is the mosquito.

I think you've eaten enough.

Susan shined your father's shoes.

All of a sudden, the river rose and broke its banks.

He held a session.

I think I can learn from my mistakes.

Be your own person and don't imitate others.

Give Noemi something to eat.

Sandy won't become a doctor.

Three people judged the art contest.


I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

You've deceived me before.

Wait for a moment outside the room.


Why do we have to work late today?

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Darin and Sedat first met a month ago.


Cathryn is really quite famous, isn't he?

He was born in the March of Brandenburg.

After my graduation, I'd like to go to Shanghai, in order to study China's history.

Why aren't you eating your vegetables?

There is not a little hope of his recovery.


When was the last time you visited your grandmother?

Celeste is a lucky bastard.

I have the blues today.


The purpose of shuffling is to randomize a deck of cards.

Did you hear the bell?

See you back at the precinct.


Dan is the best in Tatoeba.

Ethan stopped to talk.

She left the window open.

You speak Esperanto, right?

Raja is undecided.

I didn't see much.

Shall we add a bit more salt?