Do you have something else in mind?

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Place the boxes one above the other, please.

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Malus didn't appear concerned.


This series will be remembered for a long time to come.

Rafik still appears to have a crush on Jacobson.

Pieter didn't know where Rogue was.

He's baling the hay.

In the last minute, Marcello score an equalizing goal.

I will help you if possible.

Hopefully, Stan will wait for me.


Pierce isn't helping me.

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It is difficult to break the vicious circle of wages and prices.

The tablets are swallowed with water.

She was very bored during the lecture.

Money and I are strangers; in other words, I am poor.

Blake should've been at the meeting.

I don't have enough money to travel.

I may grow old, but I refuse to grow up.

That's what we need.

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

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You're being irrational.

We are traveling to Barcelona.

When did you tell them?

That woman is much older than I am.

I am a reporter.

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The water is great!

Speak louder that your grandpa does not hear that well already.

He sees no company.

Saiid wanted Oliver to talk to John about the problem she was having with his children.

I bought this for him.

Let's go make fun of her.

Everyone has a house to go to, a home where they can find shelter. My house is the desert, my home the barren heath. The north wind is my fire, the rain my only bath.


Yesterday, I had him take my photograph.

Do you still need a ride home?

Seenu hasn't painted his house yet.


A kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt.

A nice book would be better!

I'm very sorry about Eli.

Confine your remarks to the matter we are discussing.

I really can't make any promises.

I wish that Amanda was here to help us.

Nobody slept.


Heidi just stood there watching everybody dance.


Tell him it's an emergency.

Japan is confronted with severe economic problems.

Leads is selling his house.

Those roses are very beautiful.

I'll be there after breakfast.

We got to be friends.

By the age of sixteen, she had received a scholarship to attend Stanford University.

That's not such a terrible idea.

Do you think that bothered Heather?

The wind brought down a large number of trees.

He's busy and can't meet with you.

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Finally, it was over.

It's not legal to keep wild animals as pets.

Yoshio said he would pay as much as 15000 yen for a new pair of basketball shoes, but I thought that was quite expensive.

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I wanted to surprise him.

"Did they get the law passed?" "Yes, they finally put it through."

I need it immediately.

Let's replace all of them.

Delbert is our friend.

Where is Matthieu right now?

The medical examiner determined that the woman's body had been there for at least three days.

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Be sure to come home early today.

We have never gone there.

Maybe we can talk sometime.

I have to dry my hair.

Oskar was rude and obnoxious.

You can borrow these books from the library for a week.

Absence is the greatest woe.

Bananas are delicious.

Micheal doesn't speak French as well as Christofer does.

You are a fast learner.

They're reluctant to accept anything new.

Many people were late for the concert.

I have heard nothing from him since then.

I do have confidence in Duke.

We talked about this when it happened.

Teri asked me where Varda lived.

I won't tell anyone.

We have to be careful.

The restaurant was quiet.

Sjaak got it done right way.

This project still keeps me very busy.


She showed little interest in the photos.

He's looking at you.

They accused him of having stolen the bike.

The announcement was made Monday.

I haven't given them to Ken yet.

I cannot have a rest now. I have a lot of work to attend to.

Would your name be Lex, by any chance?

Are you in a fraternity?

She gave him something cold to drink.

Giles struggled to express how he felt.

Lull your baby to sleep.

Jeannette doesn't know whether Liber will come or not.

He bought a dress for her.

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Mason asked Cliff many questions that she couldn't answer.

Skeeter is indisposed at the moment.

Listen, I'm here to deliver a very important message to you all, so pay particular attention to what I am going to say next.

I still don't know.

He was greatly respected; while his son was as much despised.

Are you prepared for the worst?

Look at the sports car over there.

Dan went to London with his son, Matt, and his daughter, Linda.

There's no connection between the two things.


Bayous are common in Gulf Coast areas of the southern United States of America.


Kenton went to elementary school with Curtis.

Everyone wants something different.

Did you listen to music last night?

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Hon beat Spike to death with a baseball bat.

Someone else took my suitcase.

Julie does 100 sit-ups every morning.

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What are you trying to prove?

On hearing that, he knitted his brow.

Donn is out of work.

Where is your compassion?

Please open it.

Are you still not happy?

Shel is your son, too.


Ji restricts the amount of meat in her diet.


Sonny is very difficult to deal with.

These horses are hers.

My sister was in New York a year ago.


Don't do anything to hurt Andre's feelings.

You've done a superb job.

Could you lower your voice please? I'm really hung over.

The little girl was crying for the teddy bear.

I have to talk to somebody.


Is she a taxi driver?

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I would like to see you again some day.

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At what time did the show finish?

I promised to read the report carefully.

It's no use arguing with Bertrand.

Bryce started to feel like his life wasn't worth living.

I always give something to charities.

It would be fun to make some crepes in the office.

I work a lot.

You never told me we had a meeting today.

John will probably pass the examination.

My uncle is the only person who uses this word.

Her job brings in a high income.

It's a difficult country to govern.

How many people are still down there?

The picture was taken by him.

You said to call anytime.


This bomb can kill many people.


I have almost no information about the problem.

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The rock rolled down the hill.

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"Dad seemed to be really pleased by the gift!" "Yes, it's really nice that we could make him happy!"

I hate traffic jams.

How did you end up here?

They have no idea what our problems are.

I was here first.

That was two years ago.

I built ten thousand walls, for you to knock them all down.

He is very good at playing violin.

They are no more alike than a cow and a canary.


Four hundred million people speak English as their first language.

Chuck and Part are at work now.

I didn't go blind.

She is always confusing salt with sugar.

We'll see you in the morning.

Jelske gets along fine with Sanjib's stepfather.

I thought they were all Canadians.


I have not spoken to our new neighbors; I simply know them by sight.