Leila doesn't care about anything.

How'd they find out about Elias?

It is there to the left.


The can is empty.

They both look very uncomfortable.

I think Dewey was hiding something.


I couldn't tell Pierre the truth.


What led you to believe that?


I cut one down.

The small business man failed and his business went down for the count.

I like how you avoided answering Lori's question.

Was Ralph punished?

Let's walk a little faster.

America was at war in 1864.

You have to be ready for whatever happens.

His experiment had many faults in its details.

We're all tired of this.

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I'll talk to Jason later.

No, I don't remember. I wasn't born yet.

I think I'll go wash my hands.

I'd like to get to know them.

He doesn't have any children, but other than that he's leading a happy life.

I told Evelyn to quit bothering me.

The police never showed up.

Stop bothering your father.

You are bigger than me.

Page usually only reads the headlines.

Syun used a legal loophole.


Her book is very interesting.

She couldn't convince him to write a song for her.

Could I have a word with you?

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"I... actually don't know that either," Dima admitted. "Sometimes, this story really doesn't make any sense."


I know it.

He arrived here safely yesterday.

It's hard to figure out what's going on.

Pleasure is the source of pain.

I've been working on this for three weeks.


The Nintendo DS is a popular handheld game console.

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Thanks all the same.

Can you tell me the way to the station?

Everybody but Jones laughs.

Isaac was naughty.

We're trying to help Roxana.

She is seeking wealth.

He followed in her wake.

I have not seen him lately.

My father lived in Nagoya for over fifteen years.


Would people complain about that?


You seem to be a kind man.


Everyone needs to find their own path.

Mrs. Lark played the piano and the children sang.

My dog is smaller than yours is.

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Over the last 2 years we watched him change.

Sjaak is on the computer.

You are my good friend.

The pipe shop is across the street.

I'm looking for my car keys.

I used to like him, but now he's too mainstream.

My boyfriend is a journalist.

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Everybody here seems to know you.

He prefers not to talk about it.

Blayne is a convicted drug dealer.

What was it that caused you to change your mind?

This country has a harsh climate.


Do not talk nonsense, My job is very boring!

She predicted it.

The body of a recruit has been exhumed for a second post-mortem.

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It was probably stolen.


I would like to see you before I leave for Europe.

Shakil took a seat next to Miki.

Randolph lives in town.

The struggle to succeed sometimes leaves people feeling empty.

This is a private meeting.

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Let me know your new address.

I know that I can beat Terrance.

I live in the next street.

The dishes are piling up in the sink.

By morning the clouds had lifted and the whole length of the Himalayas lay before us in all its splendor.


What place on Earth coulde be better than the place your people came from?

Kanthan looked a little distracted.

Can you manage lifting this box?


Get out your notebooks.

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I cannot solve the problem on my own.

It's been decided that the entertainment for our year-end party will be a question-with-comical-improvised-answer session.

I'm not a child. Don't talk to me like I am.

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I've been hoping to meet you.


Granted that he is honest, but I doubt his ability.

Why doesn't she write me anymore?

I gave my horse its head.

Try not to disappoint me.

She can't speak English, much less French.

Soohong headed a guerrilla insurgency against French colonial rule.

You know how serious things are, don't you?

This person particular person will run.

He's a very nice boy.


Wendy needs glasses.

I was caught in a shower on the way.

The farmland was open and flat, except for the solitary house in a cluster of trees.

A lot of people applied for the job.

I'm asking you to give Patrice a chance.

That's a very complicated problem.

Yes, they visited his good friend, Doctor Mortimer.

I'm thrilled to meet you.

In Maribor one can find a rather old vineyard.


You surprised everybody.

It's time we had a talk.

Sam is a very busy person.

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Hartmann realized Archie was tired.


On finishing university, I started working right away.

I heard a beautiful song yesterday.

It's computer-generated.

The train left before they got to the station.

Thailand is in Asia.

I hate you all.

Is she looking for something?

Horst asked for some money.

She almost said "I don't know".

Yay, I went to the store!

It's quite warm today.


Let's see this costume.

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She held out her hand.

Dicaeopolis is not present.

This building has a low ecological footprint.

They wouldn't allow me to say anything at the meeting.

Do you think we should get involved?

Can you see them right now?

I studied all week for that quiz.


Don't make me use this gun.


They carpool together.

My income is barely enough to maintain living.

Where's the men's room?

What was it that caused you to change your mind?

The digitises books in his spare time.


We have less than three minutes before the movie starts.


I've got an attractive proposition for you.

They're dreadful.

I can bake bread.

You're over-analyzing.

The car stopped in the middle of the road.

Sometimes, it's easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission.

Will you pay cash?

When I entered the coffee shop, two young men were watching a wrestling match on television.

He has no more than 100 dollars.

We're outraged.

He has worked throughout the whole day.


I don't want Hans to find Ira.

Could you explain this diagram to me?

Sorry, but I have to go now. I have an appointment in one hour. Please don't forget to call me back when I get home.

I like this shirt.

This is kind of sad.


Are you retarded or something?

I love being outside.

I have not seen her for so long a time.

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I agree to this plan.

As the centuries went by and England became more crowded, the people found their food supply a great problem.

Just take a deep breath.


My tooth ached when I had ice cream, so I might have a cavity.

You have to be joking!

This apple tastes sour, doesn't it?

I think it was a misunderstanding.

The most celebrated saint in Brazil is Saint Anthony.