Out of twenty students, only one had read the book.

The elevators are found at the rear of the plane. They can be raised or lowered to change the direction of the plane's nose.

I only have myself to blame.

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The told me that she was glad to see me.

A man whose wife is dead is called a widower.

Do you really want me to spy on Del?

They didn't notice anything suspicious.

How much money do you have with you?

I'm energyless! I haven't slept for three days!

That's my theory.

Please call me at this number.

It is not funny at all.


The ship scudded before a heavy gale.

Swimming is healthy.

In Nagoya summers a fan is essential to help stay cool.

I've tried everything I know.

How soon must I be back?


Root is still there, waiting for you.

We didn't anticipate their buying a new car.

Marguerite's new song is amazing.

Andreas got in the car and drove away.

They went to Alexander Hamilton for orders.

Sarah Bernhardt was a French stage actress.

Hardy young people like mountaineering.


Shots were fired.


This is one of the jobs I have to do every day.

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She's a lucky girl.

We should do this once a week.

I've been to America twice already.

That's the way we've always done things around here.

That's all right as far as I am concerned.


Don't stumble over the rock.

Why shouldn't that be included?

They talk all the time.

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The door opened and there she was, standing in the doorway.

It doesn't seem so absurd.

I was very much shocked to hear his daughter using such bad language.

We made a banner.

Cathy didn't mind.

We'll never back down.

I'm sorry I did you wrong.

Exactly how old are you?

"No, not so much. At most comparing sizes, telling dirty stories." "Sizes of what?" "Of 'that'."

We live only from day to day.

I thought I warned you about that.


He is a poet by birth.

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Have you ever had these symptoms before?

Blaine turned the doorknob.

I'm sorry I didn't trust you.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

I looked to see if he was teasing me.

Do you have vegetarian pilaf?

Ssi is doing everything he can.

Don't let the dog out.

I expect that to continue.


Cold blasts from the broken window chilled us.


Luis can speak French.

What are you going to tell her?

Your question is illogical.


What team does Chuck play for?

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The children rode a toboggan down the hill in the snowy weather.

Smoked herring is called buckling.

I scoffed it dry.

Studies say that true happiness comes from giving back, not from material things.

He doesn't speak English.

You were so young when Uri left.

Every member but me believes what he says.


Pua is singing at church.

The cottage reminded me of the happy times I had spent with her.

Am I going to have a false tooth or a crown?


They were looking on the beautiful garden.

Ted just wanted to ask Kris a few questions.

I don't technically own any pet, I just live with people who do.

You should learn from your mistakes.

I went there by bus and train.

I'll tell her this afternoon.

Dan said that he was moving up on Thursday.

They were vulnerable.

Swamy and his friends went to the circus.

I'm sure Leonard hasn't forgotten about the meeting.

When shall we go?

It looks so festive.

Jef's behavior was unacceptable.


Kirk and Kee aren't together anymore.


Marc's disappointed.

You may not be able to find sentences thae have been added recently because they have hot been indexed yet

That's Gary's job.

Micheal mentioned your name to me.

I want to learn Japanese.


Do you want me to get you something else?

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Myron told us a long story.

Pieter is mocking Ken.

Allen is well respected in Boston.

You can call off the search.

I often go swimming in the river.

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The tires squealed.

Marty has been lying all along.

Tell Jeff that I'm angry.

Holly probably thought I didn't know what was going on.

I can beat him hands down.

Is Elaine with you?

Where is your bedroom?


That speech about the passions of love was really beautiful.

I'm surprised Gregg doesn't have a bicycle.

I don't speak French very much.


Stop playing cat and mouse with me and tell me the news.

How has life changed since you were a kid?

The car brushed the fence and got scratched.

Eliot never told me that Carl was his sister.

I might well tell you this.


I really need to talk to her.

I've tried to contact her.

I was relieved to know that the operation was a success.

The fundamental aspect of imprisonment is the loss of liberty.

She looked at him with a smile on her face.

I just want you to remember this feeling.

Darren and Murat were sitting next to each other on the plane.

This classroom is very large.

Archie is buying a new house next year.

I'll take onion rings instead of fries.

Dan left for work around eight thirty.


Margie has a six-figure salary.


Soon the new year comes around.

I bet Gordon took this photo.

Today, we have to sleep outdoors.


Bernie doesn't look that upset to me.


Tor is much older than he looks.

I'm in control.

This isn't likely to change.


Ranjit's car was intercepted by a group of rebels.


Act according to the rules.


Antony didn't know that he had terminal cancer.

Keep it up!

Please come here at 3 o'clock precisely.

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Defeated revolutions are forgotten quickly.

Sugar is sweet, lemon is sour... and what is bitter?

I cannot endure your going.


I'll choose this one.

While John was reading his newspaper, his wife was watching TV.

Did you find it?


I have small hands.


I don't know what's wrong with you today.


Shouldn't Jennifer be doing this, too?


There is no way of reaching the island other than by boat.

How long have you been standing there spying on us?

Do not forget to attach your photo to the application form.

Some members of Perry's society think that he is actually a stoat posing as a human. They are wrong, since this is scientifically impossible.

I just saw Ellen last week.


She doesn't play soccer.

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My father is out in the garden now.

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It seemed that the bus had been late.

May God help you!

Donovan nodded toward the door.

He did not speak unless spoken to.

Yes, it's such a nice evening.

You will try it, won't you?

We've been fine, by and large.

Tomorrow a distant cousin is coming.

We tried to come to a compromise with them.