Horst never left.

You should talk to your mother more often.

He's hiding something.

Aren't you curious about it?

My family comes before my career.

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There is no free lunch.


She showed a knack of insults.

Mitch is the worst director ever.

Meet me here again next Monday afternoon at 2:30.

I always wanted to be a mother.

Sid dried his eyes.

He has a short fuse.

Sriram is Monica's make out buddy.

We've stopped doing that.

I hope this isn't really happening.

Have you ever brushed your teeth?

Raanan looks good for his age.

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When does Jarmo go to the market?


I'll pay for your lunch today.


I suppose you could be right.

Amedeo might come.

We know that you're superficial enough to be happy about this gift.

The baby is cranky because it's teething.

I didn't see it.

He was living with the Indians.

I think we should go now.


That would be nice, don't you think?


I am going to the post office to buy stamps.

Kenn feels passionately about this.

Miriam does not let her sister borrow her clothes.

My university can't afford to grit its car parks.

You never told me why you did that.

Let's rewrite the end of the play.

Did he stay very long?


Does this house withstand earthquakes?

But I don't have any money.

He would sooner die than get up early every morning.

The men achieved their objectives.

Sherman covered his face.

Many years ago, I visited the center of Hiroshima.

He anticipates that he will be in trouble.

Roxie is a math nerd.

Of course, dear, I shall respect you in the morning. What did you say your name is?


You could ask her.

How did you know where we'd be?

I'd like to see them again.

The waiter set a coffee cup in front of Hienz.

I've taken up painting recently.

She is as clever as she is beautiful.

Luke has been searching for Jesus for years.

I was just playing for time.

One must not confuse "must not" with "need not".


Have you decided not to wait?

I'm tired of everything.

The Japanese economy developed rapidly.

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He is delighted at your success.

I know who you want to talk to.

I managed to get permission from my parents for my wedding.

Himawan isn't a parent.

Doug lived in Boston for three years.

One of us could help you.

When Toufic finally decided to come out of the closet, everyone already knew that he was gay.

At first they drove through streets of small, gray houses.

All of us devoted ourselves to the development of our country.

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Not a single sparrow was to be heard.


My children were taken away from me.

I'm not going to leave you.

Knute says he wants to walk home.

It seemed that he had been ill.

Heat up the water until it boils.


Takao asked for a glass of water.

I don't like having stiff neck!

My son started speaking when he was two.

Amos forced Rajiv to watch a video of a woman being gang-raped.

She made up a parcel of old clothes for the refugees.


Billie bakes bread once a week.

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The other day I attended a class reunion of my elementary school.

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A passing car splashed my coat with water.

Did you kill them?

Pierette had jet lag.


His code's readability drowned in a riptide of nested parentheses.

The poppy-covered field has become the summer's poetical landscape.

The engineer brought the train to a stop.

The widow suffered from stomach cancer.

I really want to speak English fluently.

You alone can do it, but you can't do it alone.

My friend had a miscarriage and I don't know how to comfort her.

I didn't wait for him.

The other day he said to me, "I will lend you this book tomorrow."


I did everything for him.

Who else do you know that can speak French?

Certainly there is nothing that will separate people more, and nothing so easy to slip into.

It's more than enough.

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Where did you meet them?

Some politicians never make good on campaign promises.

You mean to say that you know the answer?

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I can't remember the last time I had a martini.


I feel differently about this.

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Partly because he could not receive enough information, Harper's description remains imperfect.

I remember something about that.

Don't walk so fast. We'll get there on time.

Have you seen Bart around?

The traffic accident deprived the young man of his sight.


Dan discovered a hole in the wall under his bed in the cell.


We can get over the problem without difficulty.

That doesn't prove a thing.

What happened to Debbie wasn't his fault.

It's sad now.

Giovanni accused Wendell of cheating.


Did you watch TV yesterday?

There's nothing much to tell.

That's why we didn't tell him.


Roy looks happy when his girlfriend calls him.


He hung up.


We didn't see her anywhere.

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Once a fraud, always a fraud.

They don't create any problem because they are in five floors up.

If students don't come, the lesson doesn't start.

Loyd told us not to worry.

Each bureaucrat has their own idiosyncrasies as to what papers they will require from you. To be safe, bring all the papers you can, and then get the ones that you can't. Even then, you will be at their whim.

The path through the forest was completely covered in snow.

Panacea seems honest.


I do think that Jin is dangerous.

Boyce soon realized the seriousness of his error.

My dictionary is very useful.


Alfred eats rice at least twice a day.

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The school is located at the foot of a hill.

Dan is the bookkeeper and he has the money.

Florian was very nervous.


I wanted to disappear.

Fact is stranger than fiction.

I wish you to relieve me of my anxiety.

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Class sizes are limited.

Tao lights the candles in her room.

We tried to figure out the problem our professor had given us, but it seemed confusing.


She wrapped her legs around him.

Bert showed us a picture of his mother.

I know her, but I'm not acquainted with the rest of the family.

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Sit down and take it easy for a while.

Deirdre looked around, but saw no one.

Let's register for that class.


I asked Straka if he liked Chinese food.

I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid.

Why shouldn't that be included?

Did I forget to mention that?

My parents won't let me have a dog.


I lent my pencil to Sanche.

Jack seems like a reliable person.

Recently there have been a lot of protests in the city.


We have to leave tomorrow!

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I felt exactly the same way.

You should have a doctor check you out.

Marcia is falling in love with Debi, I think.

Just tell Reinhard what you want.

What have we become as a society when we need alcohol to enjoy ourselves. It has become a pretext for outlandish behaviour and just plain old debauchery.

They were all looking for the missing child.

He's sleeping off last night's bender.


You can't leave them behind.