They invited me to play cards.

I'd like to have a word with you about what happened yesterday.


The driver could not distinguish the signal in the fog.

Sergei doesn't seem to be in a hurry.

I didn't understand that.

There was no trace of evil in her.

I'll come at noon to pick you up.

Giving Narendra a bicycle was a good idea.

He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

He is seeking a job.

The sun will become a red giant in about 5 billion years.

I was absent from work yesterday.

We will do it.

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Matthieu made us a promise that he didn't keep.

Strictly speaking, that's true.

Fay will carry those suitcases for you.

Science has discovered that there are five types of human beings.

Weevils eat the leaves of the fuchsia.

So, I think that it is open.

Establish regular prayers.

I told my secretary I was not to be disturbed.

Take good care of what you eat and drink every day.


Axel and Guido sat on the beach, watching the sunset.

That smells nice.

He cleared the roof of snow.

Bear south until you reach the river.

Such words will give rise to suspicion.

Erick has become predictable.

John was busy preparing for his trip.


His suggestions are always very much to the point.


You've got work to do.

He connects himself with the law firm.

Shai heard Linder singing in the kitchen.

Draw a straight line through it.

Marian is probably Irfan's closest friend.

Jingbai pretended to be sick, so he wouldn't have to go to school.

Does this make you uncomfortable?

Show me something else.

Can you count to ten in Chinese?

She promised it would never happen again.

Open your notebooks.

Marsh wasn't funny.

I think Axel might be involved in what happened.

He had to tell his readers what happened.

Why should I study French?


I'm going to go change.


Do you have any questions about this lesson?

What do you mean by "sometimes"?

Kari's house doesn't have electricity.

The world would be lonely without you.

Don't ask me for anything else.

School starts Monday.

Roy and Elvis are having a good time.

We were talking about her.

In this winter, it seems that it gets very cold.


Will was expelled from the Senate.

One minute earlier, and they could have caught the bus.

This is a direct road to London.

She's at work.

That would be horrible.

She met Marvin.

You don't know them as well as I do.

The twins smiled.

How is the error observed?

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The farmers must be happy to hear that.

I'm going to my room.

Is this all you have, sir?

He is well off now.

What time do we leave?

It is easier than I thought.

Frank told me he wanted to quit the company.

He left the box unprotected.

I believe you both know me.

Once capsized, a catamaran is impossible to right without help.

It's in English.

Markus, could you shut up for just ten seconds?

The road to Nagano is closed to traffic.

He always teaches from notes.

I can understand this problem to some extent.

Let me find somewhere to put these suitcases.

What's this chart?

Maria is just pulling your leg.

I'm supposed to be helping Jared right now.

Raanan and Jock had a baby.

Donal went to the window and closed it.

Serdar couldn't help overhearing what Lukas said.

Page can tell Leith isn't buying it.

This is never going to end.

I know the person you are talking about.

Have you told them we're here?

After a hearty dinner, Willie thanked the host.

Piano music soothes the soul.

I don't want to cry.

Who do you think I ran into today?

They restrained him.

Tor and Al don't need a chaperone.

He looked back at me and grinned.

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I don't know how old Stacey is.

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This train stops at every station.


Try explaining that to Dawn.

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Phiroze tossed the ball.

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I think your French has improved a lot.

Even today, in many village schools of our republic they are teaching no foreign languages; for lack of teachers.

We need peace and stability first and foremost - these are the most important things.

Who's going to believe us?

"God is our salvation," said the priest.

The crowd began to applaud.

Julian put off his departure till Sunday.


Don't you remember that week we spent together in Boston?

Cathryn is very self-disciplined, isn't he?

If you show me your tongue, I might show you mine.

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We might have frost next week.

We are consoling his mother.

Have you changed shampoos?

She liked partying with friends and drinking.

Rainer applied for asylum.

Brazil is the land of the future.

Over 100 people were present at the party.

The bus will be here in five minutes.

Did he say that?

This rope is very tough.

No one will ever forget them.

That's sad for you.

A power failure contributed to the confusion in the hall.

There's no-one in the house; they're all outside.

After death my soul turns into nothing.

Leigh was a little homesick.

They're not sure what to do with Dylan.

It is very dear.

Presley was wearing a brown suede coat.

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I know this isn't easy for you.

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Nils has been a little depressed lately.


We know Edgar.


Thanks for helping with dinner.

The doctor examined the baby.

One by one, the members told us about their strange experience.

We often hear French being spoken here.

Everyone was dressed in black.

That was my first way of thinking.

He is one of the British hopefuls for the London Olympics.

He didn't come. His excuse was that he was sick.

Revised is a little late.

I've come to see him.

The United States is a republic.

Ernie held onto the rail for support.

I didn't sleep very well last night.

You need to take care of the dog.

We learned English together.

This year is an important year for me.

I should get back to writing my report.

The university is a waste of time.

Donal's body has been cremated.

Somebody who wavers between hope and fear over superficial things should not be appointed to a management position.

I repaired one.

I was accused of eating the boss's lunch.

I'd like you to accompany me.

Katsuko is at the head of her class in english.

We were hoping you could tell us what to do.

There's more money in the drawer.

I changed the lock on my door.

I didn't tell them you're here.

That child has a very large head.

I wanted you to like me.

I'm not here to cause trouble.

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None of the programs look interesting to me.

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I spent the whole morning waiting for something to happen.

Butler needs the money desperately.

Stevan made himself a peanut butter sandwich.

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Would you ladies mind if we join you?

My TV is on the fritz again.

Matti can speak French better than I can.

To look at him, you would take him to be a foreigner.

Piet would punch and kick his son for just any reason.

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You are always making excuses for not doing your share of the work.

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That's not what I believe.