I earned a lot of money this month.

Klaudia and Marnix don't seem to really talk to each other all that much.

On the dictionaries there's nothing but dust, at least on mine.

Put the car into the garage.

Sometimes miracles come to see people.

Which is the platform for the London train?


When I saw them on a date, I asked them, "Do I hear wedding bells?"

Andre is always quoting some famous person.

Where can I get a ticket?

The high sprigs of alder are on your hand.

Does anybody own this sentence?


The guests arrived in dribs and drabs.

Here, have a drink.

God willing!

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Why are you doing the dishes? Let Clarence do them.

Norman thinks the answer is no.

She tried to dissuade him from participating in the project.

Judging by the sky, we'll have beautiful weather.

It's too scary.


I don't need that kind of help.

Are you still studying the Okinawa dialect?

Do you feel all right today?

This is the first time.

Did William have any enemies you can think of?

They come from Sweden.

See what I did!


I like to take a shower at night.

As soon as he saw me, he ran away.

I've learned never to borrow money from friends.

I like Japanese dishes.

More kids, more hands.

I go right home after work.

Why were you being so evasive?

She doesn't even notice me.

Tomorrow, I'm going to study at the library.

He achieved his desired goal.

Mott had been standing in the rain for what seemed like hours.

Somebody wants a haircut.

I can't accept your apology.

Everybody looked up.

Living near the school, I come home for lunch.

You know them, I think.

The garbage smells to high heaven.

One way or another, we'll figure out how to fix this.

I don't think Laurel meant to do that.


Juri and Joubert both look extremely happy.


I am responsible for his conduct.

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I couldn't tell if you were angry or not.

There is no progress without communication.

I picked a most unfortunate time to visit him.

Not everybody knows what it means.

Something went wrong with my watch.

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Our club activities are always spoiled by his behavior.

He sat in Zen meditation.

I'll help you look for him.

I'm thinking of embarking on a new career.

You always take things too seriously.


How did I accept to write something like this?


Why don't they say something?

Now don't you feel better?

Can't we just get her to leave?


I like to spend my holidays in Germany.

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Shai was suspected of being a spy.

I suspect that Bryan is a cold-blooded murderer.

Your opinions are right in a way.

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In the case of patient death during the course of medical treatment, even if there is medical error present, it is not automatically legally considered to be an "unusual death."


Everybody wants to rid himself of troubles.

Bud would often sit alone on the porch, reading a book.

Grammatically there is nothing wrong with this sentence, but I think it would never actually be used.

How can I ever thank you?

I'm going to ignore that.


Customer in a milk shop: "I'd like three eggs, please." Sales girl: "Yes, you would like that, wouldn't you."

Root thought he could count on Laurel.

She bequeathed all her good sense to her son.

Can you tell me about Sean?

I do that once a week.

When he's hungry, Marco is capable of wolfing down a kilogram of baked goods.

She cared for her father until his death.

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Those who betray us in the worst way are always those who are dearest to us.

Susumu does not know what the difference is between astronomy and astrology.

I've always wanted to own a sports car.

I really don't want to clean my room.

Bob still has one more month to go before he graduates.

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The judge handed down a sentence of five years hard labor.

Prince John was buried with full ceremony.

The tree got the most beautiful colours!

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Could we say they are penny pinchers?

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I know the exact time when that happened.

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Eileen called me stupid.


Siping said he wanted to see us before we left.


We need to be paid more.

This is a problem!

Do you know what time they came?

Didn't you hear me calling you?

This is a very interesting book.

This is a different kettle of fish.

Anderson applied for a credit card, but he was turned down.

My father is coming home tomorrow.

Herbert is looking through the catalog now.

He was born dumb.

He's a casanova.

I wonder what it could be.

I'll phone you before I start.

Are we going far?

The plane increased speed.

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I've got the feeling of having already met her somewhere.

You know what they say: long nose, long cock.

We stayed roommates for four years.

A sense of expectation is hanging in the air.

I know Tanya is a bank manager.

That'll take a couple of hours.

Some important geometric shapes are the triangle, the square, the rectangle, the circle, the parallelogram and the trapezium.

He'll try to find everything out.

"Get rid of it, of course!" answered the farmer.

You don't want to get in trouble.

The newspaper told of the mother's anguish at the death of her son.

We brought it with us.

Why do you hate them so much?

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

We're totally cool with that.

I think French is a difficult language.

I'd like more detailed information.

We ate lobster and steak.

I'm hoping you can help me.

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Based on my observation of the movement of particle D, I modify the system so that three possible exits exist.

We must work together.

We're going to my place.

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He who has a fair wife needs more than two eyes.

I hear he is ill.

People really like Sally.

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This book is unique in many ways.

I don't have any pictures of you.

She was born and brought up in Osaka.

Ron wanted from Pitawas more than he could provide.

I thought you said Beverly didn't like you.


What followed was unpleasant.

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It hasn't been easy for Norbert to learn how to walk again.

Look, Mahesh and Kristin are holding hands! They're so cute!

I don't want to hear about what Emily did this morning.


I was ashamed of what I had done to my benefactor.

We'll go to church this evening.

Vickie was left badly scarred after botched plastic surgery.


Either turn down that noise or turn it off.

Angela wants to get Kylo back.

The hunter shot the bird.

What a boring film! Nothing ever happens!

Myrick might've been able to tell us what we wanted to know.

Make the best of your small income.

Eventually, Barney will tell me everything I want to know.


Should this be allowed?

I got stuck in heavy traffic on the expressway.

Shel often goes cross-country skiing.

I can't understand what he wants me to do.

You'll have to ask Amedeo that.


He's an old codger.


Because all his friends were poor, too.

I am thankful for veterans.

I felt naked.


We need to get this safe open.


Your father would have been very proud of you.

There's a myth that Edison invented the light bulb.

We turned to look at them.


Shine your shoes before going out.