"Exterminate," said the Dalek.

Kristian actually held the door open for Mah.


This morning the weather was so bad that I had to take a taxi.

I don't know when Bob got to Japan.

Those's car is parked outside.


He's very sweet.

This is the man for whom I have been waiting.

That was what Kristian wanted.


This should be reverted back to the original.

Do you really think it's important?

Marco crushed the box.

I consider that racial discrimination.

Evelyn was hiding something.

Where's Anderson been?

Please give me a break.

The city is most famous for its automobile industry.

What did Shah Jahan build?

Why can't you stay with her?

Miles took off his coat.


We would have had fun if we had gone to the party.


You are making history.

You can't go in there alone.

Don't say anymore!

I've already found a volunteer.

I don't want to lose you again, Kaj.

It was in the year two thousand.

There are large houses along the street.

The cane works for training dogs, but people need instruction.

It's a labor of love.

They declined to publish my book.

OK, so that's it for me. Now I'll hand things over to the next speaker.

It's been done.

Maureen was breathing.


We chose John to be captain.


Can I ask you a personal question?

The food didn't taste all that bad.

Ti is a compulsive cleaner.

Don't let Kelvin hit you.

I'm unambitious.

What does Chuck think of your music?

I get up at six every day.

He bought us some drinks.

That does not mean we should ignore sources of tension. Indeed, it suggests the opposite: we must face these tensions squarely.

Courtney spent three years behind bars.

Bogdan Tanevich resigned because of colon cancer.

The students stormed out of the class as soon as the bell rang.

Come and look.

We're watching a movie.

We waited outside for them.

Philippe said he couldn't make it tonight, but he could make it some other time.

Don't worry about me. I'm OK.

The Roman troops were exhausted.

Lin says Kristen hired him.


Casey carried both suitcases.

He fancies himself ill.

That's Rhonda's problem.

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Agent is always assigned to the subject.


Perry moved to Boston in 2003.


For some reason she didn't come home last night.

We went on board at ten.

Brenda is wiping the table.

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Nichael certainly hasn't told Walt yet.

They crossed over the bridge.

I'm told that eating jelly helps grow strong nails.


Damon doesn't know what'll happen.

Does he have a big nose?

Edith got off his bike.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

What do we tell her?

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I thought Ping and Roger were twins.


Laurence was busy.

I knew what they did to him.

We'll get good grades.


Mick had no alibi for that night.


Jorge said he's Canadian.


I'm at work now.


Everyone's gone home.


Why is it that no one listens to me or takes me seriously during dire times?

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I think Juliet is wrong.

The yen was revalued upward against the U.S. dollar from a rate of 360 yen against the dollar to 308 yen on December 18, 1971.

Do you think Gabriel is lying to us?

Size doesn't matter.

The result of the election will soon be analyzed.

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Then the pen fell from my hand and I just listened.


There's nothing more I can do here.

What don't you like about your handwriting?

It still happens sometimes.

My mother went shopping downtown yesterday.

The pilot landed the airplane in the field.

There were flames everywhere.

You made spaghetti, didn't you?

My neighbour's name is Deng Daping.

Aha! You went, right?

What would you say if I told you I was quitting?

The invention of a purgatory, and of the releasing of souls therefrom, by prayers, bought of the church with money; the selling of pardons, dispensations, and indulgences, are revenue laws, without bearing that name or carrying that appearance.

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That was the most interesting novel that I had ever read.

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I want to come back here next year.

This was designed by Robert Jackson.

Chuck approved it.


Siping is unsophisticated.


She was very excited when she won.

Do you live around here?

Please proceed.

What are we doing this evening?

He's so kind!

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If you didn't exist, then I would invent you.

Who wrote these stories?

I knew this day was coming.

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There was only one small problem.

Can you imagine working here?

There were many things that Bret wanted to do before he died.

Show your own business.

Nguyen spent the day in the park.

I love you more and more each day.

We have always been friends.


Come over to our table.

In Spanish they use upside down question marks.

We're learning Esperanto.

Peggy looked a bit queasy.

This does not make me happy.

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I find her very pretty.

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This, though I knew it well, I had let slip.

Why can Taro speak English so well?

Up to now, we've never had this problem.


Let her do this.

France aided the Thirteen Colonies for independence.

Chris isn't there.

Jingbai relocated.

No one will ever forget Alejandro.

People had more money to spend on new goods.

We can just about read each other's minds.

Did you fix the scanner?

You can come to visit us anytime you want.

I expect you to be there.

I competed with him for the first prize.

I'm hungry now.

Sorry, I'm not interested.


The company appealed for people to take voluntary resignation.

It's too bad you can't come with us today.

Christian has made his position clear.

Will you notify me after 3 minutes?

I started working for this company last year.

Don't do anything to attract attention to yourself.

We happened to take the same train.


You were lying, right?


Allen heard a siren.


Cathy began to cry.

Maurice can't decide whether to buy a new computer now or wait for a couple of more months.

I kissed Malcolm last night.

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And those were his last words.

Having arrived at the station, he immediately called a taxi.

We saw them on TV.

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Kerri isn't very strong.


I can work with anyone.

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I still can't believe it really happened.


I want to talk to my lawyer straight away.

The quality needed in this job is being polite all the time.

What wine goes well with Brie?