The soldier was wounded in the leg.

I had to send her home.

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You said Antonella was different.

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The geophysicist teaches in the school.

She always smiles at me.

Mt. Fuji is noted for its beautiful shape.

Everything must go!

Alberto told me that she didn't love her husband anymore.

Beckie finally came up with the cash.

See to it that the door is locked at 10.

She doesn't have to know.

Life means nothing without friends.

I want to see them.

Leon got some paint on his shoes.

Death comes in many guises, but the end result is always the same.

My father is going to China.

Do you have the picture?

They made fun of Jack's haircut.


Keep your eyes peeled; we're on the lookout for a new table.

He who thinks he has learned enough has learned nothing.

The smallest flower is a thought, a life answering to some feature of the Great Whole, of whom they have a persistent intuition.


We have to warn Susumu.

A whale is a mammal; in other words it feeds milk to its young.

We soon sold all merchandise.

You can hear the sound of the ocean.

It was a lucky guess.


Teriann felt nauseous.

Please watch Heather for a while.

I asked him to drive me home.

Her behavior is worthy of reverence.

The economy contracted in the last quarter.


Saqib ought to know.

Send it by airmail.

Let the dog go.

I wasn't lost.

Get out of my apartment.

The winter was cold and snowy.

Galen hurt his leg and can barely walk.


What could possibly cause that to happen?


Peter did time for burglary.


Do you actually believe that?

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I'm going to let you go.

I will work hard.

She was the love of his life.

If Terrence doesn't do it, who will?

When did you last see my father?

On top of everything else, he added that he was hungry.

Dan was touched by Linda's story.

You should take a canteen full of water with you.

I don't know who else to turn to for help.

What's your favorite sport to watch?

You can go wherever you want.

He approached the door.

I can't pretend to be something I'm not.


You should be careful not to help too much.

Lee needed some money to buy something for Isidore.

He entered the room in his coat and hat.

That is how I like it.

Perhaps we should ask a different question.

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Nothing is darker than a black hole.

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Did Facebook play a major role in the Arab Spring?

Didn't you hear me shouting?

I have a sensitive skin.

I think it's necessary for you to see him.

We were disappointed at her absence.

I'm being patient.

Men know nothing about women.

Your sister's sleeping.

I gave my old clothes for the church flea market sale.


Jochen talked Murthy into quitting her job.

The revolution, in itself, bore no fruit after all.

It took her two hours to get ready.

You can't just barge in here whenever you feel like it.

They wanted to get married as soon as they could.

Have you found anything?

Nothing hurts worse than stepping on a Lego while barefoot.

"If a photograph of the smiling face of your loved one stands on the altar at the funeral or on the family altar, when you put your hands together to pray, you can hear their voice, I think," he says.

The kids are disappointed.

Do it while you still can.

We had one chance.

I have an important announcement.

I wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

I didn't know Marshall at all.

I am currently looking for a job. I don't have much experience.


It's the least I can do.

They formed a project to build a new school building.

You are still the same ignorant I met once in the park.

And is your noise Gaussian?

George was broken-hearted.

There was nobody in the room.

My job is giving me a stomach-ache.

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I wonder if you don't get tired of doing the same thing every day.


Dawson looks bad.

I try with all my might.

They ate some enchiladas.


He met his friend while bathing in the sea.


We often play hookey from school.

The budget does not allow for this expenditure.

I was so certain.

He gave the material a cursory reading.

Why did you do this to me?

I always rely on him in times of trouble.

Thank you for coming to see me off.

He is still green in business.

I didn't know who to deliver the package to.

Sandy has a son.

Jeanne didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Modern heroes are represented by rock stars.

The snow was so thick we couldn't see in front of us.

He smokes 3 packs a day.

I hope Bertrand doesn't mind.


There are a lot of slums in Mexico.


What kind of food is there?

Everyone started laughing.

This book is written in very simple English and so is best for new learners.


We didn't know how to do it, so we asked for help.

After a few more seconds of silence, John decided to make his opinion known.

They are gathering nuts.


I admire him, in spite of his faults.

We're very happy for you.

It is said that nothing is more important than health.

Who's complaining?

I won't tell you what to do.

I love serious music.

"We're almost out of food..." "She's gone to the store." "Who's she? The cat's mother?"

Tracey is getting a cup of coffee.

Just be careful not to push Subra too hard.

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Tony is like a sister to me.

We came to the conclusion that we should support the movement.

I'm doing this so it doesn't happen again.

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We need paid family and sick leave.

Becky doesn't like the way Jesse treats John.

His book is very interesting.

She came to live with her aunt.

Tracy and Peggy have been bosom friends for years.

She didn't resist for long.

The cafeteria's primary problem is its quality.

Down Halloween Road, it's quite dark.

She said with deepest tenderness, "Are you all right"?

I hope we can keep prices down.

I used to sleep for only three or four hours a day.

I trust Richard, who is a man of his word.

I don't feel so lucky.

Larry could be a flight risk.

I'll bring them.


I can't go back now.


Medical science can save lives.

It is not to be denied but that the news was a great shock to her.

It's good to put yourself in someone else's place now and then.

I guess I could go easy on him.

As centuries passed, humanity became more serious in implementing constructed languages as they deemed natural ones to be insufficient.

I go back home to Boston every three months.

I want them killed.

This project will involve 50 trained staff members.

I suppose you want to go home.

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I've never cheated anybody.

I want to be there for Alejandro.

The medicine only works on men.

My mother being ill, I stayed home from school.

This has no relevance to my background.

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Cary can't dress himself and he can't feed himself.

He likes ham and eggs.

It upsets me to have to listen to the same thing over and over (and over) again.

The clock dictates man's movements.

According to Saint Thomas, reason can help faith in three ways.


Billy is good at sports.

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An hour has sixty minutes.

I'm not the only one who saw Jack swimming yesterday evening.

We are to meet again at the park tomorrow afternoon.