He has good reason to be against the plan.

We're about to meet her.

He was beside himself with rage.

Andrea introduced Edgar to his mother.

I have plenty of money.

The largest muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus.

His kind acts earned him the respect of the people.

Did the mail come today?

He left the room without saying a word.

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Just answer the question please. We don't have much time.

He looks just like his father.

He is rummaging in a garbage can because he is hungry.

Aqua expresses the colour of clear water, it is a bright, and light, blue.

He called me out.

I've always wanted to read that book.

Make a good translation of the sentence that you are translating. Don't let translations into other languages influence you.

Living with him isn't easy.

They begin beating Marc.

It's ridiculous.

This melon will be good to eat tomorrow.

I just needed a minute.

Beverly will pick me up after school.


What do you think I'm going to do?

Don't start doing that.

His remark was not intended to be a factual statement.

The reason I could not attend the meeting was that I had a severe headache.

What is hypothetical may not be real.

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He served me coffee.

Shut up! We'll miss the best part.

You'll be sorry!


Your problem and mine are similar.


Are you going to talk to me?


Derek handed Kaj some pictures.

Carlo decided that it wouldn't be sensible to try to cross the old rope bridge.

It doesn't seem so bad.

We urged Heather to go.

She built a shelter.

How much more wine should I buy?

Shawn paid for it.


It's not easy to keep up with the times.

This story was originally written in French.

Which would you prefer, this one or that one?


I am the most junior staff in my office.

He told us a very exciting story of adventure.

In aftermath of the accident he lost his sight.

How much longer do you need?

Let's leave right away.


I'm at the hospital. I got struck by lightning.

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His wife is Swedish.


How do you know I didn't volunteer?

Max explained to Julia why he could not come to his farewell party.

We know you like Hilda.

It's been a pleasure working with you.

Hi, I'm the King of the Universe.


The hunter followed the bear's tracks.

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They probably saw our ship come into port.

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Stan's dog follows him everywhere.

How about you buy me a drink?

This is risky and dangerous.

Actually it might be a good idea to start right now.

I'm pretty sure Klaus's right.

Don't tell me you didn't know.

I began the book.

The incident came in the wake of Al-Qaeda's admission of responsibility, in a statement published by the organization, for an attack that targeted the republican palace in the city of Al-Mukalla in southern Yemen and resulted in the deaths of 30 officers and soldiers.

Jose and I will go together and we'll return together.

I think you've been in Boston too long.

I guess there's nothing else we can do.

Where is Interlingua spoken?

How many computers does this engineer have?


Victor regrets firing off an angry email to his boss, and wishes he'd slept on what was bothering him for a while.

Frederic looks about a hundred years old.

A favorable review of your play will appear in the next issue.

Can you believe them?

It seems my dreams never come true.


What was she thinking when she came to tell me that?

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Books intended for young people will sell well.

Hotta's joke was met with stony silence.

You can leave now. I'll see to our luggage.

Andy gave the girl his phone number.

I'd better go see what Ronald found out.

You will always find a good friend in me.

How long will it take to get to Boston?

Space is big, really, really, really big.

Animals lives are no less valuable than our lives are.

I went to Los Angeles on vacation last month.

Ladies before gentlemen.

Jos can't leave work today until six o'clock.

There was broken glass all over the floor.

Barley is our main product.

He plays the guitar well.

Why do I have to work with her?

The girl looked ill.

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We really can make this happen.

Nothing was funny.

Alvin visited Arthur in prison.

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Nora wouldn't return my calls.


I chopped off the chicken's head.

Sal and I have been good friends since we were kids.

I got out my knife.


We were truly surprised.

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How was the attendance?

I can't stand to watch you.

No, I do not watch CNN.


The children were told to stay within reach of their mother's voice.

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Shaw looked ill.

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I sent Granville home.

Petr loves to run.

These rules are reasonable.

I'm sorry to bother you.

Myron doubted that Ethan would call back.

How are you and your wife doing, now that the birds have all flown the coop?

Pierette has no authority to do that.


My car is being fixed.

Marcel screamed again.

I don't remember where you live.


It's very helpful.

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Try to slice the meat with a different knife.

She has an uncle who works in a bank.

His delay made the situation all the worse.

Thanks to the Internet, the world is beginning to turn away from the centralization of resources and power that characterized the Industrial Revolution.

Cole is still living in Boston.

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I was caught in a shower on my way home from school, got soaking wet and caught a cold.

What do you want to be?

Unlike her mother, she is tall.

Clara allowed his dog to run free.

Nothing is better than health.

When you're trying to prove something, it helps to know it's true.

We've seen drastic changes since then.

He flew to New York on business.

What part of Boston does Pratt live in?

Diane doesn't play baseball very often.

I'd have helped you if you'd asked.

Now it's neck or nothing!

That happens often enough in the summer.


You can cook here.

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He was covered all over with white paint.

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We must make the utmost effort to reduce the use of plastic packaging, and also to recycle all waste plastic.

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Russell said some things that didn't make sense.


It was all a misunderstanding.

It's fun to go out with him.

It takes a while to relax.

This man's shouting at me!

It's unlikely Lar will help us.


I won't let anything bad happen.

William said that he saw Kylo do that.

I am thinking of going abroad.


I don't think that's allowed here.

I swept the floor in the kitchen.

Greg has an older sister, Marty, and two younger sisters, but I don't remember their names.


The government executes the orders of the bankers.


Dwayne checked the list.

I know what she's thinking.

Modern obituaries are commonly written before the fact and kept on file for instant insertion when the occasion arises.

She had no objection.

I thought I'd lost you.


Let the matter rest for a while.

Marco seems smart.

They haven't done anything wrong.

We haven't tried that yet.

We need a diversion.