Everyone was listening very carefully.

The letter was addressed to me.


You've got to learn to hold your tongue.


"Where's your snake?" "Oh, I don't know. I haven't seen him for a few days. I think he's hiding somewhere."


Why should we not love our own wives? We do love other people's wives.

I wanted to make sure you weren't having problems.

I've kind of gotten used to the weather.


Avery doesn't know when Rebecca is supposed to come.

Tovah claims to be a singer, though she doesn't sing well at all.

This bookstore stopped selling JUMP.


Just about everybody sat down.

Excuse me, I dropped a chopstick.

I will borrow it then, if you insist.

I felt like running away.

Ricky picked the stuff up off the floor.

Hirofumi persuaded Edgar to study French with him.

His jacket was as threadbare and worn-out as if he had worn it for thirty years straight.

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

Go ahead, give America all your hard earned money.

How soon can I get to Tokyo?

Quit eating so quickly. You should eat more slowly.

The students are bored.

I want to go to the city.


I must go through the task by tomorrow.

That street was very noisy.

I didn't want to kill Jwahar.

I was under a lot of pressure.

I'm coming to your party and bringing you an unusual present.

I often use SSH to remotely connect to my computer.

One measures the temperature with a thermometer.


Ron cooks chicken just the way Carl likes it.

Let's have fun tonight.

Adding comments makes the code easier to read.

Why do you hate Canadians so much?

She lives in a valley in a town far from the beach.

Look back!

Because of the rain, we didn't play tennis outside.

Can you ice-skate?

My zoo is safe.


I hope you can join us at these very important July DCA meetings and complement your stay by exploring some of the many affordable charms of Tokyo.

I borrowed a necklace to wear to the banquet tonight.

Anyhow, I'm relieved the test is over.


My father is busy getting ready for his trip.

The death of her husband was her rebirth.

I think Doyle looks really good.

I can't just pretend nothing happened.

I felt a lot better.

The incident happened to be captured on video by a bystander.

Will you travel alone?

Saul promised to clean the living room.

I just told her we're dating.

Don't point the finger at others, point the finger at yourself.

The conversation moved on to other topics.

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Tell Peggy the rest of the news.

The rain already stopped.

She waited for 10 minutes.

The most important thing is the ability to think for yourself.

Socorrito can operate a crane.

Sincere apologies.

The dress has a beautiful contrast between red and white.


Some of the children were too weak to stay on their feet.

She has a collection of stuffed animals.

The dog will need to be fed once a day.

Why didn't you call a doctor?

Case and Lynn played a game of Russian roulette.


Maybe we should tell somebody.

Do you have a phone?

Naim lost his money, his family and his friends.

The man standing over there is the owner of the store.

I had a right to privacy too.

Send me a letter when you arrive.

He may wait no longer.


There's also a park there.

She patted her hair into shape.

I'd like to hear Rick's opinion at least once before we come to a conclusion.

I don't have any time for you right now.

I don't feel that my endeavors have been appreciated.

Delbert isn't the type of person who learns from his mistakes.

Herb can't believe Glenn isn't going to do anything.


Last year, there was frequent snowfall.

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I'm not the one who told him.

There are no other options.

Well, let's not worry about it.

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He left home early in the morning so as not to miss his train.


He was angry because I wouldn't give him any help.

I know how this is going to end.

Each time I went to see him, I found him at work.

I eat because I'm hungry.

Kazuhiro considered the situation carefully.

Conrad knew Teruyuki wouldn't let him kiss her.

Have it your own way.

Earnie is starting to get on my nerves.

Can you cook an omelette?


Stop fighting, you rascals! These battles between boys rarely end well. Trouble is sure to come to you!

I left something in the room.

Is Horst from Boston?

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Did you actually talk to him?


Pain is weakness leaving the body.

While we were speaking, he kept silent.

We have some wonderful news.

How's your mother?

I need to borrow your car this afternoon.


The main selling point of Esperanto is that it puts everybody on an equal playing field.


Please don't speak to me.

I am German.

She gets compliments often.

Perhaps we could get a drink sometime.

Round off the edges a little.

I hope today's ball game won't be canceled.

He who laughs last laughs loudest.

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That's where Rich lives.

On encountering the celebrity, the fans asked for his autograph.

There were many cute dalmatians in the pet shop.

Three kings and two eights earned him a full house.

My father is going to kill me.

Where is your compassion?

What are you after?

An old man was at rest under the tree.

I have visited the city of Karakorum yesterday.

Read and reply.

His shoulders sagged when he heard the news.

They had little fuel for heating and cooking.

He is a very thoughtful person.

The river flows into the Pacific Ocean.

We have to rescue the pilot before the plane explodes.

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I can only keep a secret so long as no one asks me about it.

Somebody's at the door.

We are people, not gods.

Jin is a lesbian.

I love him more than anything.

They eat dinner at twelve o'clock.

Maybe you shouldn't tell them.

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I have to be at work in three hours.

We couldn't help but think that he was dead.

Owen handed Norma a beer.

In the future, you have to get here on time.

I always place a high value on knowledge.


What happened was a misunderstanding.

She came damn late.

Did you know there was another Duncan Jackson at this school?

Let's put together a pro-soccer team for Nagasaki!

You've seen what I can do.

Have you talked to Nadeem about it?

You were thoughtful to remember me in this way.

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I'm on duty.


I'll go tell everybody that we need to evacuate the building.


The princess dressed as a boy to escape from the palace.

My father likes traveling by air.

She told Tony.

When it's dark you can use a flashlight to see.

I would like to purchase a wooden deck panel that can be laid on the porch.

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I had lunch with him today.

In Maribor one can find a rather old vineyard.

I saw Lou a few minutes ago.

I'm sure he mistook me for my sister.

Aren't you having a good time?

Living, as I do, in such a large town, I can seldom go fishing.

Honzo turned on the fan.

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Is there anything you want to try when you grow up?

Would you like to be a farm boy?

I was trembling with fear.


That's my teacher.

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You're a mess.


Heidi has been driving without a license.

We want you to be the team captain.

Markku felt that he had sorted everything out.